MiamiShared is a coworking space located in Downtown Miami, FL. They offer various membership plans and services for all kinds of companies.

They needed a new website, where users could find information and book an office easily.

Because the previous website had such a complicated site map, I decided to run a card sorting workshop to make the new one more simple. This workshop also gave me a better view of what the user thinks is more important on the website, what information he/she wants to find quickly. With all that in mind, I’ve created a new site map that is simpler and clearer.

UX/UI Design
Card sorting workshop
mockup MiamiShared

Research and benchmark

The first thing I did for this project was to benchmark the competitors. The client already told me to look at the WeWork website and take some ideas from it. I also looked at some other websites, and listed the information they all had, like the list of different locations, types of membership, list of benefits, testimonials, articles, quantity of pictures, etc.


Card sorting

After gathering all the content I needed for the website, I organized a card sorting workshop, with 6 people, to determine the best way to build the sitemap.

card sorting workshop


As I was free to create a new visual identity for this project, I made a moodboard including some pictures that made me think of Miami. That helped me create the color palette that I then used for the mockup.


Color palette

color palette





Mock Up

mock up